Leyland Cypress: Limited 

The Leyland cypress is the most popular Christmas tree in the SouthEast. Those in the field are 7-12+ feet tall. They have soft branches and are easy to handle.  Because of their soft branches, they will not hold heavy ornaments at the tip i.e. you will need to place more inside the tree.   Because it is not in the pine or fir family, it does not produce sap, so those with an allergy to sap can still enjoy a Leyland as their Christmas Tree.


White Pines

The White Pine is the largest Christmas pine in the U.S. It  is an evergreen that has needles of from 3-6 inches long and are arranged in bundles of five on the stem. Those in the fields are 6-12+ feet tall. White pines have good needle retention.  Because of the soft needles one must place heavy ornaments within the tree branches.  This particular tree has little or no aroma.